358 Winchester

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358 Winchester

Postby Blammer » Sun Mar 06, 2016 12:44 am

Yep, brainstorming, well basically rehashing old ideas.

Was dragging my 35 Rem out the other day and also was thinking about trying to trade into a 35 Rem levergun....

Discovered what I already knew but didn't realize HOW bad off or expensive 35 Rem ammo and brass had become. OUCH!

So, got to thinking about 358 Win. The more I thought about it the better is sounded.

35 Rem, no parent case, forming brass is difficult if not making it, then buying it is pricey. .80 per case NEW, IF you can find it. Ammo $30 for 20 rnds, if you can find it....

358 Win, parent case is 308. Even in times of derth, like as of recent, you can still find lots of 308 brass or ammo. Heck I think everone has at least a FEW 308 pcs of brass somewhere. Cheap, available and you can make it from the parent case.

Performance, well if you don't have any 35 Rem ammo, you have no performance. :)

Seriously, probably about the same.

Only draw back I see is there are not many rifles made for 358 Win. I think someone could remedy that, you listening Winchester? (probably not)

So why has the 358 Win not taken off? Seems like the perfect opportunity.

marlin levergun in 358 Win?

ruger bolt action in 358 Win?

I really like the idea of a 358 Win, I may just sell off all my 35 Rem stuff and build one. Heck prices are right!
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