.45 ACP Tests, Large vs. Small Primer, FMJ vs. Lead, etc.

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.45 ACP Tests, Large vs. Small Primer, FMJ vs. Lead, etc.

Postby Outpost75 » Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:09 pm

Test rounds all loaded with 5 grains of Bullseye, to approximate GI "hardball" velocity, charges being measured nominal by volume with RCBS Little Dandy Rotor #9, using TW55 Arsenal for reference and firing handloaded Hornady FMJs vs. cast wheelweight lead 230-grain Cowboy bullets, all assembled in standard Federal (for large primer) or Federal NT cases (for small primer), comparing CCI Large vs. Small pistol primers, and "Old" ca. 1970s Hercules Bullseye powder vs. fresh and current Alliant product, and measuring velocities in a 20" carbine vs. 4-5/8" revolver. In previous testing velocities with the Ruger revolver were not significantly different than those obtained firing an M1911A1 National Match hardball gun.

Bottom line, fresh "new" Bullseye isn't materially different than the old stuff. Substituting small primer-pocket brass, lets you standardize, stocking only one size of pistol primer for loading all of your .38/.357, 9mm, .40 cal. and .45 which to me makes sense. Velocity is a bit slower with the small primer, but any difference is not enough to worry about, unless a load is on the marginal side of cycling, in which case you might increase the charge 0.2 grain to compensate, if needed to maintain reliable functioning.

.45 ACP Ammunition______Marlin 22" ____Ruger Blackhawk 4-5/8"

230-grain FMJ ___________Avg. Sd ES___________ Avg. Sd ES
TW55 Ball REF ___________957 31 78___________ 858 28 72

Hornady 230-gr. FMJRN

Old Herc. Lot 571 Lg Pmr___886 24 58___________823 12 45
Small Pmr_______________ 824 30 97___________793 4 11

Alliant Large Pmr__________935 33 83___________842 11 29
Small Pmr________________891 35 88__________811 18 49

Saeco #954 230 LFN

Old Herc. Lot 571 Lg Pmr___990 8 20___________874 11 30
Small Pmr________________ 972 13 30__________846 15 35

Alliant Large Pmr___________1040 6 18__________908 14 38
Small Pmr_________________1027 15 38_________887 11 29

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Re: .45 ACP Tests, Large vs. Small Primer, FMJ vs. Lead, etc.

Postby wally » Wed Sep 16, 2015 12:26 am

My tests in both a Taurus 1911 and a Rock 1911 used various bullet weights from 185-230gr and profiles. I also used both plated, commercial cast, home cast and jacketed.

Powders included Promo, Bullseye, Unique and Vectan GM3. Brass from different Manu's including virgin Starline.

I also noticed a slight increase in velocity as you did with not much difference in accuracy or aim point. My conclusion was that most people would not notice the difference in LP v SP in Government sized 45 ACP

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