40 BSS, 41T and 416's

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40 BSS, 41T and 416's

Postby Blammer » Wed Mar 16, 2016 12:53 am

Here is a short synopsis of what GC to use for what GC shank dia.

Rico 1950 sent me 10 nicely cast sample boolits.
all measured .412 as cast maybe 1/2 thousandth out of round at most.
GC shank dia is .395

I have all 3 of Gator's 41 GC's.

Gator's 410 NEI, BSS, HA! not even close, these are more suited to the 40 caliber. They won't even fit on the shank. End of test, no good.

I tried the Gator's "lyman" THIN gc's first. Max shank dia is .397 per Gator. These fit on but would not stay. I proceeded to size them down to .412 and afterwards they were loose and with a bit of effort I could remove it. I then sized it down to .410, same thing, loose and could get them off with a bit of effort. The GC spun on my fingers and I could slide it "on and off" the last bit to get it off was tough.

If you're GC shank dia is .396 or .397 I would use these because then the GC shank is thick enough to grip tightly all the way around. With the sample boolits above the .395 is just too small for these GC's.

The next were the Gator 416's. Gator's max shank dia for these is .393. These were a 'snug' snap fit, a tad of muscle was required to seat them nicely, but if you use a sizer ( duh..) the bit of force to seat them in the GC is minimal. I sized one down to .412 and the GC was ON, it was snug and NOT coming off. I then sized one down to .410 and this was still more of a good thing. For the sample boolits I received this is the one I'd use.

If your GC shank is .393 to .395 I would use these because they should work the best.
With the sample boolits above and the GC shank of .395 I'd use these even though they may be a bit tough to seat the GC.

Gator's Lyman Thin and the Gator 416's used the entire lenght of the GC shank, there was little if no room for any lube.
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