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Postby Reg » Wed Sep 16, 2015 12:41 am

Old friend came down for some reloading in .45 Auto Rim last weekend and also managed to get in a bit of dove hunting and also take in the excellent little gun show up in Brule Nebraska.
While setting up on Friday evening noticed he didn't bring the usual Unique or Bullseye but rather had several different " new" powders, one was Universal.
Asking him where the usual was he replied that he was told the older powders were currently not available. One company had blown up and the other gone bankrupt.
Guess I live a sheltered life, it was news to me.
Anything to this ?

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Re: Powders

Postby Outpost75 » Wed Sep 16, 2015 2:48 pm

S-B plant in Czech Republic had a fire. Will affect ammo for a while, not powder supplies here.

Alliant plant at Radford, VA is operating at full capacity. They are also importing some product from Nobel.

Olin plant at St. Marks, FL is also operating at full capacity, but civilian canister powders produced by them are in short supply because their primary customer is the US government, which has been buying lots of ammo to replace war reserve stocks and for law enforcement.

IMR and Hodgdon do not produce their own, but import their product, mostly from ADI in Australia and they still get some product from Expro-Canada. They are reassessing their product lines to reduce duplication of similar products between the two brands, and this will result in some new powders, which we are seeing, and discontinuation of others which are low volume and low profit.

Don't believe all the gunshop rumors you hear. They are mostly BS.

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Re: Powders

Postby wally » Wed Sep 16, 2015 11:18 pm

Plant that makes Universal in Australia had a fire and shut down for a while. Now back up but have announced they are discontinuing some powder and I think one was Universal Clays.

Forget powder. Hear about Doe Run? (couldn't resist that one)

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